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Patrick O’Connor is on the Political Science Faculty of Oakland Community College and is Director of College Counseling at The Roeper School, both in Metropolitan Detroit.  Born and raised in Detroit, he has been a college counselor since 1984, serving students in rural, urban, and suburban high schools, as well as community college.  In addition to writing a weekly column, his writing has appeared in High School Counselor Week, MyFootpath.com, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press and Diverse:  Issues in Higher Education.

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Here are the links for topics discussed in the June 18th show:

Free college for Detroit students

Colleges that offer merit-based scholarships

Time management advice if you're heading to college this fall.

Common Application essay prompts

University of Michigan Common App Essay Supplements

Information on Improved College Training for Counselors

For more information on the topics we discussed in May, follow these links:

An overview of changes to the SAT

A look at the kinds of questions on the new test

How 9th graders can prepare for the SAT

A list of test-optional colleges

What this year's college decisions mean to next year's seniors

Advice for parents of next year's seniors

For more information on the topics we talked about in the January-February program, follow these links:

Summary of the White House Summit

Patrick O'Connor's Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama

A Call for an Executive Order to Help School Counselors

Counseling Ratios in Indiana and Michigan

Counselor Ratios for All States

Colleges That Don't Require SAT or ACT for Admissions for Most Students

What School Counselors Do 

Why You Should Celebrate National School Counseling Week

How to Work with Your School Counselor

Ten Things Principals Can do to Support Counselors

Ten Current Trends in College Admission (this is the second article on the page)

College Applications and Social Media

Overcoming college application anxiety

Writing a good college essay

The overlooked college application question

Check your applications, Part I

Check your applications, Part II

What parents want from colleges

Early applications:  What to do when a College says Maybe 

Working with Student When a College Says No 

Why Colleges Say No to Top Students 

Why Colleges Reject Students

Understanding college costs

Finaid.org's overview to scholarships

Avoiding scholarship scams

First, apply for Federal Aid:

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Will you qualify for Federal help?

Need help completing the FAFSA?  Check out College Goal Sunday

Second, see how much your colleges might really cost.  By federal law, each college must post a net price calculator to its Web site to give an *estimate* of costs to attend that college.  They aren't always easy to find, but go to the college's Web page, type in "net price calculator", and follow the directions from there.  Here are some samples:

Albion College Net Price Calculator

Harvard Net Price Calculator

SUNY Net Price Calculator

University of Michigan Net Price Calculator

Some colleges require you to complete both the FAFSA and a second financial aid form to be considered for aid.  Check your colleges' financial aid web sites; many will require you to complete the CSS Profile, which can be found by clicking here.

Scholarship Searches


College Board

Fast Web

MeritAid ( for merit scholarships-- be sure to double check the college's Web site)

More Web sites, including one to search by major

For all other questions about aid, including loan repayment, start here.

Click here to order College is Yours 2.0 and see customer reviews.

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